Sirona’s Gardens in Hotel Saint Spas 5*
Food is tastier when cooked with love!
This is something my grandmothers taught me, and to this day, it is the leader in everything I do. One of the most important things for a good rest is good food. Trust us and enjoy our specialties of Bulgarian and international kitchen, prepared with pure natural products from local producers and love for you! Be sure to taste our pizzas and bruschettes prepared according to an ancient Italian recipe of our experienced Italian pizza chef in the gardens of Sirona, while relaxing around the pool or at the hotel's main restaurant. We are expecting you!
Chef cook of Hotel Saint Spas 5*
Sirona’s Gardens in Hotel Saint Spas 5*
Specialties, beverages of choice and fresh mountain air in
Sirona’s Gardens
A luxury culinary journey
Specialties prepared with pure natural products and lots of love! Complete rest and good food! Enjoy different tastes and culinary delights! For our guests the chef offers specialties from the Bulgarian and international kitchen. The establishments of the Balneo Hotel are appropriate for galas, celebrations and special events. Upon request of our guests we offer musical–artistic programs and DJ.

Sirona’s Gardens in Hotel Saint Spas 5 * – a great place to cool off in the warm summer days!

Apart from Fresh Bar, you can review also the other establishments, at disposal of the Balneo Hotel and are appropriate for every taste and time of day. Enjoy coziness, tranquility and culinary delights at Main RestaurantBar PanoramaLobby Bar and Fresh Bar of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad. We are expecting you!

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