Teambuilding-a way to unite your team-teambuilding in Balneo Hotel Saint Spas Velingrad
Teambuilding – a way to unite your team

The most important asset for your business is your employees. This is why team building activities are important for building a good and solid team.

Even if you have built the best business plan, you can offer the best service or product on the market, it is not essential if you do not have a good team to design and anticipate things in the best way and with your heart.

Invest in building a good team!

Have you ever considered organizing a teambuilding event for your company, but did you think the costs were high? For this reason, it is advisable not to think about the expenses you will incur when organizing this type of event. Think of them as INVESTMENT. In reality, team building activities are a vital part of any company. A team that does not work as a team and does not commit itself to the nature of its work responsibilities can cost you business. Invest time and money in creating and uniting your team, building strong relationships and a more responsible corporate culture.

The essence of corporate teambuilding can be creative and fun. This is a chance to get your employees to relax, to try something new, to have fun. This, in turn, will allow you to see them in a whole new light and rediscover them.

Today, teambuilding takes place in a variety of forms and times. Create a fun and enjoyable work environment! Create common memories! Make it a tradition!

Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad is a great place to organize your teambuilding event. Velingrad, where the five-star Saint Spas Hotel is located, offers a variety of natural and archaeological sites – mineral springs, mountain routes, old fortresses and more. In addition, Velingrad offers a wide selection of venues for organizing sports competitions, games and entertainment. Near Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* are located karting track, horse base, polygon for paintball.

For your teambuilding event Balneo Hotel St. Spas 5* Velingrad has a solid accommodation base, 5 different establishmentswelness areaSPA centre and Medical centre.

Organize your teambuilding event  at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad! If you need ideas and tips on how to organize your best corporate event, do not hesitate to contact us:

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