Sirona Medical Center is registered with the Ministry of Health and is established in 2007 with valid license No. 857/29.05.2009.

Structure of Sirona Medical Center

Sirona Medical Center includes 2 affiliates: Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * in the town of Velingrad, 97, Nikola Vaptsarov str. and Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 *, located in the town of  Velingrad, 9, Nikolay Hrelkov str.

Technical equipment of the Sirona Medical Center

Sirona Medical Center is equipped according to the Medical Establishments Act – Prom. SG. no. 62 of 9 July 1999, Am. SG. no. 36 of May 15, 2009, am. SG. no. 41 of 2 June 2009. The Medical Centre has Shockwave – a device using the latest German technology.

Sirona Medical Center-Velingrad

Medical strands at the Sirona Medical Center

The main strands of the Sirona Medical Center are:

I. Balneology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Functional Diagnostics, Consultancy, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Primary and Secondary Prophylaxis and Health Education.

Thus, we strive to achieve the basic goal of influencing balneological, climatic and physical factors of the manifestations and symptoms of diseases of the locomotor system, the peripheral nervous system, certain metabolic diseases, the consequences of traumas, certain urological and gynecological nosologies.

The healing and prophylactic events are held at the Sirona Medical Center according to a price list of services and activities.

II. Medical – consultative activity.

The Sirona Medical Center employs specialists from different areas of health care.

The guests at both affiliates (Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * and Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 *) have at their disposal physician – physiotherapist, surgeon, gynaecologist and specialist – clinical laboratory.

1. Healing activity

  • Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – Specialist Dr. D. Stanchev (working on a permanent schedule);
  • Surgery /Small Surgery/ – Specialist Dr. A. Tashev (works on a weekly schedule);
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – specialist Dr. Y. Yonchev (works on a weekly schedule);
  • Clinical Laboratory – specialist Dr. G. Baltadzhieva (working on a weekly schedule);

III. Rehabilitation and recovery

The modern accommodation base in the five-star Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * and accommodation base in the four-star Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 *, the modern technical equipment, the highly qualified specialists, the availability of the mineral water and the favourable climate in Velingrad as well as the tradition and experience the centre has in the area of physical therapy and kinesitherapy, make it one of the leading centres in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

An individual rehabilitation and recovery program is developed for each individual patient according to the nature and stage of the disease. The individual program is developed at the Sirona Medical Center by the Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine Specialist, together with the physician – specialist in the respective field of the disease. When developing the program, the patient must have a preliminary description of the disease itself by the treating physician or the GP, as well as the relevant health card with general health status data until the patient arrives at the medical center.

Take a look at our offer for a special package price for accommodation at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad, including the preparation by our healthcare professionals of an individual prophylactic and rehabilitation program fully tailored to your needs.

As in Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad, as well as in Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad, various rehabilitation and recovery programmes can be applied for the treatment of:

– Degenerative joint diseases – arthrosis;

– Inflammatory joint diseases – rheumatoid arthritis, Behterev’s disease, various arthritis;

– Disc disease;

– Neurological diseases – of the peripheral nervous system;

– Post–traumatic diseases of the locomotory system;

– Osteoporosis;

– Respiratory diseases – chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma;

– Exchange–Endocrine Diseases – Gout, Diabetes;

– Kidney–urological diseases – kidney stone disease, pyelonephritis, etc.;

– Overweight – obesity;

– Peripheral vascular diseases – lymph and venous stagnation.

Be aware of the prices of paid medical services by specialties at the Sirona Medical Center upon accommodation in Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 *.

SPA and Wellness

SPA and Wellness Centres in Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad and in Hotel Spa Club Bor 4* Velingrad are the most beautiful and attractive places in balneo-complexes. Built on state–of–the–art construction technologies, with modern design and stylishly arranged, they attract every guest of the hotels. Here everyone can relax, have a real rest or enjoy the sensation and aroma of all the gifts of nature.

The SPA and Wellness centers have an outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, children’s pool, sauna, steam bath, fitness, Turkish bath, Egyptian bath, massage rooms, Ayurveda, beauty salons, tangentor baths, solarium, aromatherapy beds, Vichy.

Under medical supervision by highly qualified specialists – rehabilitators, kinesitherapists and masseurs, the following procedures can be performed:


“MASSOR” bath with optional program, Beth with aromatic salts, Bath with organic herbs, Cleopatra milk bath, Bath with essential oils and a program of choiceр.

If you want to pamper yourself with one of the relaxing baths, be aware of the prices of each procedure.


Classic massage, Aroma-candle massage, Aroma massage with hot volcanic stones, Well-being massage, Aroma massage with oil of choice, Chinese point system “TUI-NA”, Relaxing honey massage, Massage with hot chocolate, Herbal massage “Pinda Sveda” , Hamam massage, Ayurveda with reflexotherapy, Rhodope massage with warm tiles.

Feel really tinted with some of the massages offered by our professionals! Explore the prices of each massage.

Partial massages: 

Partial Massage, Reflexotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Anti–Cellulite Massage, “Tired Feet” Therapy.

Ensure your ideal spa break, leaving yourself in the hands of our professional masseurs! Learn the prices of the partial massages we offer!

Body therapies: 

Relaxing spa ritual “Indosean”, SPA ritual “Polynesia”, Body therapy “Island magic”, Slimming and Tightening Therapy “Talgo”, Amber glow therapy by Talgo, Exfoliating ritual for body massage, Slimming Therapy, Tightening and anti–cellulite aromatherapy – “Gino”, Soothing and Relaxing Aromatherapy “Gino”, Softening therapy “Gino”, “Bulgarian Rose” Body Therapy, Moisturizing and relaxing Coco Paradise therapy.

Take care of the skin of your whole body! If you want to enjoy relaxing and toning body SPA procedures, explore the prices of the offered body therapies

Face therapies: 

Facial Cleansing therapy, Talgo cleansing Ritual, Intensive Hydrating Care, Collagen “Talgo” Facial Therapy, Hydraderms Lift – “Gino”, Hydraderms “Double Ionization – Gino”, Rejuvenating lifting therapy “Liftosom”, Hyaluronic acid eye contour therapy, Oxygen mesotherapy, Luxury regenerative therapy, Silicone lifting therapy, Facial Aroma massage, Regenerative therapy for a face with hyaluronic acid, Rejuvenating facial therapy with white caviar, Age summum facial therapy, Eye logic Eye Contour Therapy, SQOOM facial therapy.

Enjoy cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenating procedures! If you want to take care of the skin of your face, get acquainted with the prices of the offered face therapies!

In the SPA and wellness centers programs can be applied as follows:

– Toning program;

– Anti–cellulite program;

– Harmonic body;

– Program – Antistress;

– Program “Stop the Years”;

– Weight–loss program /weight reduction/;

– Program with detoxifying effect.

Sirona Medical Center Regulation for use

Sirona Medical Center can be used without limitation of access by Bulgarian and foreign citizens. The center is used by both hotel guests and outsiders.

Foreign citizens are advised to provide a medical document containing information on the patient’s health status as well as additional information contained in the European Health Card.

All patients at the Sirona Medical Center use the services of the Center in accordance with the Internal Rules for Organization of Work at the Medical Center.

Coordination and liaison with local and central medical institutions

Medical establishments in Velingrad:

– Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment Velingrad;

– Emergency Medical Assistance Center Velingrad – urgent assistance.

Sirona Medical Center has contracts for urgent emergency care and for hospital treatment with the respective medical institutions.

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