Massages and SPA procedures in Velingrad – the professionals of the SPA centre of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad offer a large number of massages that will make you return to your daily rest and energising!

A review of our Spa menu will bring you to a new world where you will enjoy a variety of Spa rituals, therapies and procedures inspired by nature. By choosing a procedure, you choose to immerse yourself in a bouquet of cosmopolitan sensations: massages with natural Bulgarian oils. The experiences and feelings you will receive at our Spa Center will be the culmination of your holiday at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* and one of the reasons to come back to us again. Make your personal choice and trust our experienced SPA therapists who will take care of you and make your vacation unforgettable!

Let us build harmony with your health together. We are expecting you!

Massages and SPA procedures in Velingrad – tonify your body from the accumulated daily life!

Complete massages Time /minutes/ Price

Healing massage /Eliminates pain and cramps, improves blood circulation and strengthens the body. It affects both the skin and all tissues and internal organs. Helps the body to relieve tension and to maximize relaxation./

50 minutes BGN 85,00 (EUR 43,46)

Classical massage /It removes the accumulated fatigue from a sedentary lifestyle, as well as chronic back and waist pain. The massage enhances blood circulation, improves lymphatic circulation and nervous system activity. Classic massage is an excellent preventative tool for everyday health!/

50 minutes BGN 75,00 (EUR 38,35)

Aroma massage with oil by your choice /basil, lavender, Stork bill, pink absolue, apricot kernels or almonds/

Classical AROMA massage not only has powerful physical, emotional and mental effects, but it is also a great relaxing and healing agent. The benefits of AROMA therapy affect a wide range of health conditions of the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscle systems. AROMA massage uses essential oils that are considered to have healing properties. These oils are concentrated essences derived from the flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and bark of some plants.

50 minutes BGN 75,00 (EUR 38,35)

Massage with warm aroma candle /SPA Therapy with aromatic candle of fragrant warm essential oils that will fill your body with new vitality and make your skin silky smooth and captivate aromatic. The combination of massage and warmth of essential oils brings unforgettable pleasure and relaxation to the body and mind. Massage with a warm aromatic candle combines the beneficial effects of classic massage and AROMA therapy./

50 minutes BGN 70,00 (EUR 35,79)

Relax anti-stress /Relaxing full body and head massage. It is applied to specialized areas for stress relief, thanks to the relaxing techniques of the therapist. It completely eliminates stress, enhances immune protection and normalizes the body’s metabolic processes. Massage removes energy blockages in the body, improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to release harmful substances./

55 minutes BGN 75,00 (EUR 38,35)

Hot chocolate massage /The massage is made with 100 % natural chocolate with pure cocoa butter, which is one of the most suitable oily substances. With its softening, nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, hot chocolate massage slows down the ageing of the skin, helps in the normal development of cellular functions and helps in the fight against cellulite./

50 minutes BGN 79,00 (EUR 40,39)

Detoxifying honey massage /An ancient Tibetan method in which the effects of massage techniques and the powerful biological effect of pure bee honey complement and complement each other. The combination of the therapeutic and nutritional properties of honey, as well as the treatment by special techniques, leads to increased lymph and blood circulation, which in turn leads to the release of slag accumulated over the years and the burning of fat cells. Special peeling techniques peel off the skin (epidermis), open the pores and make it easier to breathe. This enables honey to penetrate deep into the tissues and affect its entire body through its unique biological composition./

50 minutes BGN 79,00 (EUR 40,39)

Lomi Lomi /Traditional Hawaiian/ Massage /The exotic Hawaiian ritual, also called “loving hands” massage, is performed primarily with forearms, which gives the feeling of extreme softness and integrity of the massage. It removes stress, relaxes muscles and balances energy flows in the body./

50 minutes BGN 70,00 (EUR 35,79)

Bamboo massage /A special technique that relieves stress and relaxes the body. It is recommended for obesity, cellulite, as well as for physical and mental fatigue, reduces muscle tension, restores energy and body tone./

50 minutes BGN 70,00 (EUR 35,79)

Massage with warm volcanic stones /In volcanic stone massage, the therapist uses smooth warmed stones as an extension of his/her hands or places them in certain places on the body while massaging others. The heat can be deeply relaxing and at the same time relax the tight muscles so that the massage therapist works more efficiently and quickly. This therapy eliminates the energy imbalance, relaxes the muscles and improves the flexibility of the joints. The purpose of volcanic stone massage is to strike a balance on the physical, mental, emotional and energy levels./

60 minutes BGN 80,00 (EUR 40,90)

Rhodope massage with warm tiles /Tile massage is an ancient Bulgarian method used to relieve muscle pain and colds. Tiles have the ability to retain heat and drive away tension, fatigue and muscle pain from our bodies. The combination of the technique with essential oils from ecologically clean regions of the Rhodopes makes massage a unique Bulgarian SPA ritual./

50 minutes BGN 70,00 (EUR 35,79)

Sports massage /Deep-tissue, high-intensity massage that eliminates fatigue and improves muscle and joint flexibility. Through a series of concentrated techniques, massage acts on the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue, relieves pain and improves blood circulation. Sports massage is useful for high levels of stress, heavy physical activity and for prevention./

40 minutes BGN 80,00 (EUR 40,90)

Thai massage /Traditional Thai massage has been practised for about 2 500 years. It combines the practices of Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Classic massages from Thailand use skilful yoga poses, in-depth massages, stretching and working on energy lines to ease muscle tension and allow vitality and energy to circulate freely in the body./

60 minutes BGN 99,00 (EUR 50,62)

Four hands massage /Achieving complete relaxation with dual therapeutic effect. The synchronization of the therapists’ work keeps the body constantly warm./

50 minutes BGN 140,00 (EUR 71,59)

Hamam massage /The hammam is a traditional steam bath, a ritual for relaxation and detoxification of the body. This thermotherapy procedure increases the body’s defences and slows down the ageing process./

50 minutes BGN 95,00 (EUR 48,57)

Massage for pregnant women /Pregnancy massage eliminates the accumulated tension in the joints, back and waist. It is in these places that most pregnant women feel pain. Massage improves overall tone and dramatically reduces swelling in the lower limbs./     

45 minutes BGN 70,00 (EUR 35,79) 

Chocolate Delight Children Massage /Make your child shine with happiness by giving him/her an unforgettable chocolate adventure. It is recommended to strengthen the immunity, improve the concentration of children in school. Reduces back pain and headache caused by long term sitting position during lessons./

20 minutes BGN 35,00 (EUR 17,90)
Partial massages Time /minutes/ Price

Healing back massage /Specialized procedure for a specific problem related to the musculoskeletal system, paying more attention to the problem areas, combined with cupping glasses on your choice./

25 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

Partial back massage /A specialized procedure that helps to relax your back muscles, helps you cope with the problem and walk smiling and upright, relaxes and restores energy./

20 minutes BGN 40,00 (EUR 20,45)

Partial back massage with chocolate /In addition to the normal relaxing effect, chocolate massage is extremely beneficial for the skin and has a soothing and rejuvenating effect./

20 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

Partial detoxifying honey back massage /A procedure that aims to remove the accumulated harmful substances from the body by extracting them through the skin with its specific method./

20 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

Indian head massage /The therapy acts anti-stress, improves sleep, relieves chronic headache and insomnia, relieves mental and physical stress, increases blood circulation, nourishes the hair and scalp./

15 minutes BGN 40,00 (EUR 20,45)

Tired Foot Therapy /Therapy is a massage of the feet and the lower leg. Acts effluent and improves blood circulation of the lower limbs. Removes fatigue and heaviness in the legs./

40 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

Reflexotherapy /Reflexotherapy is a therapy in which, by treating certain areas of the body’s surface, it has an effect on certain internal organs and structures./

20 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

Anti–cellulite massage /Intensive massage for the abdomen, hips and legs. It sculpts the body, eliminates excess fat deposits, stimulates blood circulation, reduces water retention and relieves fatigue in muscles, helps burn fat./

20 minutes BGN 50,00 (EUR 25,56)



Apart from the various massages in the SPA centre of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * you can pamper yourself with relaxing baths with aromatic salts and essential oils, and indulge in cosmetics facial therapies and cosmetic body therapies.

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