Facial therapies in Velingrad – enjoy therapeutic and cleansing treatments with high quality cosmetics and equipment at the five star Balneo Hotel in Velingrad – Saint Spas 5 *!

A review of our Spa menu will bring you to a new world where you will enjoy a variety of Spa rituals, therapies and procedures inspired by nature. By choosing a procedure, you choose to immerse yourself in a bouquet of cosmopolitan sensations: modern, high-tech therapies for face. The experiences and feelings you will receive at our Spa Center will be the culmination of your holiday at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* and one of the reasons to come back to us again. Make your personal choice and trust our experienced SPA therapists who will take care of you and make your vacation unforgettable!

Let us build harmony with your health together. We are expecting you!

Facial therapies in Velingrad – take care of the skin of your face at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad!

Facial therapies Time /minutes/ Price

Black Velvet Therapy /The therapy rejuvenates the skin and increases the tone of the body, thanks to the active elements contained in gold. Gold microfibers are inserted into the lower layer of the skin of the face. After such a procedure the person acquires a charming golden glow. The therapy helps disintegration of wrinkles and stimulates cell activity./

60 minutes BGN 130,00 (EUR 66,47)

Aurora Borealis Whitening Therapy /The procedure has a whitening formula that helps to decrease the production of melanin and reduce the pigmentation of the skin, as well as spots caused by the sun or by ageing./

50 minutes BGN 120,00 (EUR 61,36)

HYDRADERMIE Double ionization /HYDRADERMIE is the exclusive cosmetic therapy of GUINOT, which aims to penetrate ionized active ingredients with positive and negative charge. Restores youth and glance of the skin./

60 minutes BGN 140,00 (EUR 71,58)

HYDRADERMIE Lift /HYDRADERMIE LIFT is a lifting therapy with visible results after the first procedure, which tones and tightens the skin in depth by stimulating the muscles. Cell activity is restored and facial features are “lifted” beyond recognition./

60 minutes BGN 145,00 (EUR 74,14)

Hydrabrasio Rejuvenating Peeling Therapy /HYDRA PH Cosmetic Skin Renovation Therapy by GUINOT – Eliminates visible signs of ageing, restores skin shine, brightens pigmentation and evens out complexion./

50 minutes BGN 110,00 (EUR 56,24)

AGE LOGIC EYE Eye therapy /GUINOT – EYE LOGIC professional Eye Therapy is developed in three key steps that visibly rejuvenate and smooth the skin around the eyes, remove puffiness and dark circles – gel serum ionization, massage and eye mask./

40 minutes BGN 80,00 (EUR 40,90)

AGE SUMMUM Therapy /Luxury regenerative therapy with procollagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. AGE SUMMUM has a comprehensive approach to overall rejuvenation of the face and neck. The procedure combines high-tech products with exclusive massage techniques to achieve visible results./

50 minutes  BGN 145,00 (EUR 74,14)

THALGO Collagen therapy /The secret of therapy lies in the smoothing of marine collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body that maintains skin elasticity and gives it a tight look. After this therapy your face will shine with a new shine and the fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed out./

60 minutes BGN 135,00 (EUR 69,02)

THALGO Hyaluronic Acid Regeneration Therapy /Even after the first procedure, your skin will be shiny and wrinkles will be less noticeable. The main ingredient of the therapy is the fulfilling hyaluronic acid – a molecule that is vital for skin density, providing the supporting function of the epidermis through its ability to attract and retain water./

60 minutes BGN 145,00 (EUR 74,14)

THALGO silicon lifting therapy /Skin ageing is associated with a decrease in the level of silicon in the skin, accompanied by a lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Silicon is a basic structural element in the skin. Without silicon, there is no tissue strength and elasticity. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastine, preserves skin’s youth and integrity. The lack of silicon leads to dryness and the appearance of wrinkles, which is followed by loosening of the skin and loss of elasticity./

65 minutes BGN 150,00 (EUR 76,69)

THALGO Luxurious regeneration therapy /Luxury therapy with effective marine active ingredients that reactivate the cells that maintain the skin’s youth for exceptional regenerative results./

75 minutes BGN 180,00 (EUR 92,03)

THALGO Heart of the Ocean /Combining the profound hydrating effect of seawater with the detoxifying effect of trace elements and sea salts, this cosmetic therapy enhances hydration levels and restores skin shine. The therapy begins with a thorough cleansing of the face and neck with exfoliation, followed by a relaxing manual massage. The specific alginate mask with active moisturising serum saturates the skin with nourishing active ingredients of marine origin, making it smooth, elastic and blinding./

50 minutes  BGN 95,00 (EUR 48,57)

THALGO Cleansing Therapy /Intensive facial therapy tailored to the needs of the skin. Includes vapour ozonizer, mechanical cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask./

50 minutes  BGN 80,00 (EUR 40,90) 

THALGO Ritual of purity /The combination of rebalancing extracts and moisturising mask regulates oily secretion, provides deep cleansing action and reduces inflammation, restoring healthy and radiant skin, reducing skin imperfections./

30 minutes  BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)

SQOOM Cleansing Therapy /An innovative skin treatment method that delivers deep cleansing with visible results for clean and shiny skin./

30 minutes BGN 75,00 (EUR 38,35)

SQOOM Rejuvenating therapy /An innovative skin treatment method that provides painless deep cleansing, regeneration, wrinkle smoothing, moisturising and moderate tan./

60 minutes BGN 135,00 (EUR 69,02)

SQOOM Eye Contour Therapy /Restorative therapy effective for all eye contour problems: dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles. There is an immediate tense effect./

30 minutes BGN 65,00 (EUR 33,23)

AROMA facial massage /Facial massage with aromatic oils by choice of basil, lavender, Stork bill, rose absolue, apricot kernels and almonds. Regular facial massage can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin tone, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminate puffiness of the eyes, significantly rejuvenate the skin, warm the muscles, making the skin and muscles soft and sensitive./

20 minutes BGN 45,00 (EUR 23,00)



In addition to the various regenerating and lifting treatments for the face, as well as various body therapies, in the SPA center of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * you can leave yourself in the hands of some of the best massage therapists  and choose full or partial massage or pamper yourself relaxing baths with aromatic salts and essential oils.

We will be glad if you become our guests! Take a look at the luxury double rooms, Deluxe studios and suites offered in the Hotel and make your choice! Enjoy a well-deserved SPA holiday at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* Velingrad! Make your reservation instantly by filling in booking form or contact “Booking” Department: tel.: +359 700 15 277mob.: +359 899 97 22 77, e-mail: reservations@svetispas.com

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