Balneology at Hotel Saint Spas Velingrad
Balneology at Hotel Saint Spas 5* Velingrad

Dr. Hanya joined the team of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas in December 2019 as one of the three specialists who take care of the well-being of the guests of the hotel. After graduating from the Medical University of Varna, Dr. Hanya specialized and graduated paediatrics in Sofia in 2005. Over the years, he has worked at several centres in Sofia, Velingrad and abroad, including as a paediatrician at hospitals in England, Scandinavia and the Middle East. In August 2015, Dr. Hanya returned to Velingrad, where he worked and subsequently headed the children’s ward of the municipal hospital MHAT Velingrad, as well as giving regular standby duties at the emergency center.

Today, Dr. Harby Abu Hanya will tell us how climate and water in Velingrad, combined with professional prevention guidelines, can be a key factor for your health, both for children and adults.

Doctor, it is common knowledge that adults are advised to take vacations at least twice a year. Is there such a need for children? If so, where would you recommend it and why?

For both adults and adolescents, rest is necessary for the restoration and normal functioning of the body. The most visited winter resorts are the mountain resorts and in this connection Velingrad is known for the most sunny days of the year, which, combined with environmentally friendly food from local producers and mineral water, drinking and balneological treatments, makes it a preferred place for relaxation. It is important for children as well as adults to be able to break away from everyday life in the big city, from electronics and stagnant lifestyles, to play freely in nature, and the Rhodope Mountains are proven by the clean air and beautiful nature. Such a detachment gives impetus to the development and normal growth of the kids.

You have worked in different countries… What made you return to Bulgaria and why Velingrad exactly?

My wife is a native of the town and the moment I realized I was going to be a father, I immediately decided where I want my children to grow up. Velingrad and its surroundings are filled with energy that I want more people to realize and appreciate. We have something that is very valuable and I hope that a change in people’s thinking will happen soon, that we will learn to be better, which will have an incredible impact on health.

Is there anything you would like to share with us? Whether it is advice or a recommendation to our readers…

Spend more time with yourself. I know it’s hard sometimes, but for example, a weekend in nature can break the stress, tone and restore the desire for a comprehensive life. Saint Spas Hotel can be a great place for a relaxing holiday, especially in the winter, with warm pools with healing mineral water as you enjoy the majestic snow-covered slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. We need to appreciate more what we have been given. As the proverb says STEPPING IN WATER, WALKING THIRSTY. If we learn to enjoy the things that surround us, we will certainly become better and life will be much easier.

Don’t let a busy routine get over you! Enjoy a well-deserved rest! If you want to combine holidays in nature, spa treatments and fun for the whole family, Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* is your place. The hotel is located in Velingrad, surrounded by fascinating mountain views from all sides. The five-star Balneo Hotel Saint Spas in Velingrad is fully supplied with healing mineral water by Chepino spring through its own water supply network.

As a guest of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* you will be able to enjoy various SPA rituals, therapies and procedures. The mineral water pools at the hotel make Saint Spas 5* hotel suitable for balneotherapy. The team of experienced specialists at the balneo hotel can prepare for you individual balneo and SPA packages, tailored to your needs and desires. During your holiday in Saint Spas 5* Velingrad you can take advantage of ours balneo packages with water treatment and medical procedures.

In addition to the variety of balneo and SPA procedures, experienced chefs at Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* will take care of the complete rest for you, and will prepare delicious dishes of selected natural products for you. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the Hotel’s restaurants will make you relax and have a wonderful time with your family while enjoying the culinary temptations.

The cosy interior of Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5*, combined with the healing procedures in the welness and SPA centre of the hotel, the favourable climate and energy of Velingrad, will make you return to your routine rested and recharged. We are expecting you!

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